Website Design…

Over the past 5 years I've designed and built many sites for bands working closely with them at every step of the way to create a whole new brand for the band or building on existing branding or Album artwork to coincide with a new release. Click on the thumbs below to see a selection of both Flash and HTML sites I've been commissioned to create:

  • Reasoning original thumb
  • Current Reasoning thumb
  • Echochain thumb
  • Panicroom thumb
  • Original Gift thumb
  • New Gift thumb
  • Test Image
  • Test Image
  • Echochain Site
  • Test Image
  • Test Image
  • Test Image

Flash Content and Flash Front End Creation…

On the corporate side of things I usually get brought on to work in a team, working with creatives to breath life into their designes and also with other developers and back end coders to connect the flash with pages they sit in or the databases the sit in front of. So in addition to my skills with flash I'm also experienced in the creation of xml and the integration with server based languages like asp, php etc. The thumbnails below show examples of projects I've worked where flash technologies have been used to front a site or incorporated as part of a site:

  • ISCA thumb
  • Pineapple thumb
  • Campbell Gray thumb
  • Classic Lodges Thumb
  • eDocument Thumb
  • Test Image
  • Test Image
  • Test Image
  • Test Image
  • eDocument Brochure Viewer

Digital Work Adapted for Print…

My skills don't just work on the screen, through my band work I have had the opportunity to work on many print based creations and projects. These have included T-Shirt designs, posters and Album artwork and covers. Below you will see examples of my non screen work:

  • EP Cover
  • Magazine Advert
  • Xmas Flyer
  • Etarlis t-shirt
  • swirl
  • Test Image
  • Test Image
  • Test Image
  • Test Image
  • Gift T-Shirt


For some clients who are commissioning their first site they may need the creation of a logo and or Brand for their band or company, which then helps steers the design of the website later on. Below are few examples of branding I've worked on:

  • TR Logo Thumbnail
  • The gift logo thumbnail
  • Etarlis emblem thumbnail
  • Variuos versions of the TR logo
  • Nautilus Logo for The Gift
  • Etarlis Emblem

Artwork and Illustration…

I'm as much an artist as I'm a designer, so you will find a lot of my work enhanced with imaginative illustrations, bespoke imagery and fantastical widgetry. Below are a few choice bits to illustrate these skills:

  • Inga
  • Etarlis Glyph
  • Candle
  • Hands
  • Inga on the beach
  • Selection of Etarlis Glyphs carved into a slate
  • Range of background illutrations from
  • Range of background illutrations for The Gift